Being at Peace in a City that Never Sleeps...

The Valley of Fire State Park sparked my creative mind. The wisps of dainty clouds contrasted with the miles of strong rock formations. This juxtaposition not only served to be beautiful, but inspiring to capture through film. The crazy part? It is located only 45 minutes outside of

the Las Vegas Strip, where we were residing for the week.

Our goal in visiting the Valley of Fire was primarily to escape the chaos of downtown to explore how life is like for Nevadan locals, venturing outside of the typical tourist attractions. It is almost hard to believe such a different world of the Valley of Fire neighbors the bright lights and high energy that the Las Vegas Strip exudes.

Who would have thought that I could find peace in a city that never sleeps. Discovering a world that moves at the sound of its own drum became addicting. I was able to listen to my own thoughts and live in the moment, a sensation I do not typically experience in the hustle and bustle of major cities. Las Vegas is saturated with crowds of people and commotion, making this magical piece of land difficult to leave.

My appreciation for this earth has only increased since exploring Nevada, and now more than ever, I feel motivated to continue creating in new destinations.

Take some time to think about experiences that have eased your mind, or opened your eyes to a new walk of life. Stepping outside of day to day mayhem helps reset your thoughts and forces you to regain control of your emotions. Remember to be grateful for the environment that surrounds you, and always try to find beauty in your atmosphere.

I give the Valley of Fire four out of five stars as an overall rating!


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