The Social Media Reality

As a creator I often get lost in my work, not realizing that being behind a camera all day and editing videos to create the picture perfect scene isn’t necessarily how the world works. Having the chance to meet people from all around the globe and capturing their best moments can often give you false perception of the world we actually live in.

Over the years I have noticed that social media itself has not only given people careers, but also taken so many away. A viral post has the ability to potentially make you an overnight sensation or ruin your life for good. We are currently living in a generation with some of the world’s youngest millionaires due to their social media status.

Social media for me, started off with just posting fun and random photos throughout the day before my first brand approached me inquiring about a paid partnership. As a professional athlete, I was very familiar with partnerships and sponsorships but nothing to this magnitude. With an unlimited amount of sponsorship possibilities and companies to work with I soon saw myself being able to be “free”, in a sense. “Free”, meaning I was able to create whatever type of content I wanted and deliver appropriately, the way I felt would be best represented.

I soon went from making a few hundred dollars a month to well into six figures a year using my creative mind to market myself. It became extremely difficult to focus on my sport because I began to see everything as an opportunity to highlight a company or brand.

In 2020 I have shifted my content to better help the community around me and share messages on my feed that give voices to people that don’t feel that they can speak up. Lucrative huh? Not really. However, it has been extremely fulfilling to see the look on someone’s face when you know you’ve connected with them regarding topics they felt they could never be understood. This is a feeling that I can never put a price tag on.

Work just isn’t work to me, this is a way of life and a passion of mine. I put my heart and soul into each video that is created to give perspective on topics that are often overlooked or under-appreciated.

Thank you,