The Magic of Desert Art

I knew the Seven Magic Mountains was a popular tourist destination. However, the energy that surrounded this installation was unlike anything I have ever experienced.

Not only did I gain immense appreciation for the time and effort that was spent to create this outdoor masterpiece, but I felt that it brought people together from all walks of life. So much diversity within humankind gathered to experience this abstract art.

Questions quickly arose within my mind upon walking up to this iconic exhibit. Who came up with the idea to place a bunch of colorful boulders on top of each other? What was the thought process behind the strategic placement of the rocks, and the name of this display? They are referred to as mountains, but all I see are rocks. I observed myself experiencing this unique monument in the middle of nowhere that brought so many questions yet so much peacefulness.

We showed up to this destination with no expectations, other than to capture film of this world-renowned art expression. From the moment we arrived, I instantly felt a sense of solitude, of love, of tranquility.

This experience reminded me that life doesn't need to be as difficult as we make it out to be. The structure of these boulders represented something so much more than art, to me.

Coming to Las Vegas, it is easy to feel as though you are on high alert at all times. As a cinematographer, it is necessary to move quickly. However, just 30 minutes south of the Strip, I felt immense relief just to be able to take the time to capture the beauty of simplistic art through video, at MY pace.

I give the Seven Magic Mountains five out of five stars as an overall rating!


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